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Still in the Game Auditions

Auditions for Robert Benjamin's "Still in the Game"

April 30, 2:30pm-4pm
Teatro Paraguas Rehearsal Space
3205 Calle Marie
Santa Fe, NM, 87505

Email to reserve your audition slot! Sides will be provided.

Character Info:

DAWN. Early 40s. David's adult daughter. Mother of two young children. Successful realtor.

DAVID.  70s. Recently widowed.

RUBY.  late 60s. Widowed five years ago.

MICHELLE.  40s. Saleswoman at an upscale clothing boutique.

PAULA.  30s-40s. Motorcycle policewoman, new to her job. 

Scene 1. Dawn wants to protect her father while she languishes in her grief and guilt about not being present enough during Mom's final months. She exhorts David to socialize more. But his sudden romance with Samantha shocks her. She rails and rants at him, threatening to limit access to his grandchildren, which would be catastrophic for David, a devoted grandfather.

Scene 2. Ruby wrestles with her regrets about failed romances during her widowhood.  A saleswoman offers her forward-looking, emotional care-wear. Reluctantly, she tries it on but it's not comfortable. But she gives it a try.

Scene 3. At the speed-dating event, Ruby, wearing her new outfit, asserts the rules whereas David prefers quirky tactics. In his quest to elude loneliness, he has developed the persona of an eccentric codger, which Ruby finds repulsive. Yet she's charmed and starts a romance.   

Scene 4. Ruby and David have been companions for two years. David's cancer diagnosis triggers a clash between Ruby and Dawn about who will serve as his primary caregiver during recovery from surgery. Their contention shifts when David reveals his condition is not operable.  Faced with the opportunity to care for another terminally ill lover, Ruby declines.  Dawn's invitation for Dad to live with her family while he's dying troubles him. He senses he needs more solitude than Dawn's home would provide.

Scene 5. David drives his vintage Corvair to tour the local residential hospice. En route, a Paula pulls him over for not wearing a seat belt. Despite his mischievous protests, Paula issues him a citation, which she later regrets.  When he talks about choosing between Dawn's home and hospice, Paula reveals that her mother is dying at the hospice. She urges him to accept Dawn's offer. He decides on hospice.

Scene 6. Several days later Paula (in street clothes) meets David at the hospice. She's furious with him for distracting her mother from spiritual practices. David suggests that new friendship while dying is a spiritual practice. Paula objects, then relents to his whimsical wisdom.