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Sunday, July 12, Teatro Paraguas, Performing Arts Theater, 3205 Calle Marie, Santa Fe, NM 87507 at 5:00 pm

 Red Mountain Press authors Denise Low reading Mélange Block, 2014 and the forthcoming Jackalope (2016) and 

Molly Kirschner reading from her debut poetry book Hard Proof (2015). Ann Filemyr will read from her acclaimed LOVE ENOUGH.


Denise Low, 2nd Kansas Poet Laureate, is author of 25 books, including Mélange Block (Red Mountain Press); Ghost Stories (Woodley Press, a Ks. Notable Book; The Circle - Best Native Am. Books); and Natural Theologies: Essays (Backwaters Press). She edited a selection of poems by William Stafford in an edition with essays by other poets and scholars, Kansas Poems of William Stafford (Woodley). Low is past board president of the Associated Writers and Writing Programs. She blogs, reviews, and publishes Mammoth Publications. Her MFA is from Wichita St. University and PhD is from the University of Kansas. Her next poetry will be Jackalope, forthcoming from Red Mountain Press in 2016.

Denise Low’s poems have the effect of intensifying everything:  nature, history, even the present moment.  Her language has had its soft fascia removed from around the muscular nouns, verbs and vivid images.  “Particles vibrate,” she says and shows, “inside limestone ledges.”  These are tough poems, in which every single word has an edge.  Line by line, Denise Low elevates and thereby honors the details of our lives and our land.  She has created poetry anew, right in our midst; as she, herself, would vividly say, “Weathered outbuildings shelter crazy prophets.” — Robert Stewart, editor, New Letters

Aim for the eye,” Denise Low writes and in her poetry, she constantly threads the most precise images through the the sturdy music of each poem's world. Low speaks with intelligence, art, and originality. Altogether, the poems in this collection delve into the nuances of various elements of a life to show us an expanded understanding of the layers of reality. “May all our bones rest in peace,” Low writes at the end of “Flint Hill Lullabies,” showing us how history travels in our bones and the bones of wherever we live.
— Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, 2009-13 Kansas Poet Laureate

Molly Kirschner will read from Hard Proof, (Red Mountain Press, 2015). She has been published in Poetry Quarterly Magazine, the Torrid Literature Journal, The River Poets Journal, Rufous City Review, and on Ms. Magazine’s blog. She was a winner of the 19th Annual Young Playwrights Festival of Bergen County and won Honorable Mention in the NJ Young Playwrights Festival of 2011. In the spring of 2014 she was a winner of and participant in Horizon Theatre's New South Young Playwrights Contest and Festival.  Hard Proof is her debut collection.

Molly Kirschner has a keen ear both for spontaneous American idioms and for the elemental sounds of language itself.  She also has a sharp eye both for the significant human gesture—legs hanging off a pier, a hair tucked behind an ear—and for the details of the nonhuman world, some of which are big as the sky in summer, some small, yet all somehow human gestures, too, as when “the white pines’ five-needled fascicles / dangle as if from the wrists of hands waiting to be / kissed.”  Reality is always, everywhere, and free—as this poet tells us, “You're lucky.  It's enough. / You don't have to deserve it.”

–  Christopher Collins

Molly Kirschner is a startling new voice in American poetry, In Hard Proof, she forges a language all her own, one that melds luminous contemplation with bracing narratives about the secret life of material reality. This is a volume that makes you sit up, and listen up. Alexandar Mihailovic

Ann Filemyr Love Enough is Ann Filemyr's second book of poetry. The Healer's Diary is her first. She has published two chapbooks: Skin on Skin and Journey of Hags. She has co-created four limited edition poetry books as collaborative projects with printmakers and book artists: Growing Paradise, The Vowels: a Congregation of Preachers, On the Nature of Tides and Thinking. She won an Honorable Mention in the 2012 Robinson Jeffers Tour House Poetry Award for an earlier version of the title poem in Love Enough.  She has served as the Academic Dean and founder of the MFA program in Creative Writing at the Institute of American Indian Arts. Prior to that, she taught writing and Cultural Studies at Antioch College in Ohio. Currently she serves as the Vice President for Academic Affairs at Southwestern College, a graduate school in Santa Fe.

The poems in Love Enough explore the myriad possibilities for love in our utterly human lives. The characters in these poems, driven by the desire to belong to each other and the land, experience the unexpected. They want, we want, to love and be loved.  The title poem celebrates an intimate history. Interweaving race and gender, it is an American love story of both social and personal revelation.

About Red Mountain Press

We believe that there is a wonderful variety of fine, contemporary work being made today. The public is avid for art, poetry and literature that illuminate our world with beauty and meaningful ideas but which all too often do not meet the criteria of commercial publishers. This work can find a home here. We publish contemporary books of the highest quality. The books are as beautiful as their contents. The emphasis will always be on quality and relevance to contemporary life. We collaborate with artists and authors individually to realize their unique vision in the form of a book. Red Mountain Press awards a national prize for poetry. 

RD Ross, the owner and publisher of Red Mountain Press, is a tireless organizer, giving a lifetime of service to community efforts, especially in the arts and education. 

Susan Gardner, publisher and founding editor, is a poet, painter, photographer and literary editor. She has received wide recognition for her poetry and memoir and her art has been exhibited in museums and galleries in Europe, Japan, Mexico, and the United States. Her sixth book of new and selected poetry 1974-2015 will be published in 2016.

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