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Marc Hudson and Jeffery Bean

June 4, 5pm
The poems in Marc Hudson’s magnificent new collection, are those of a true bard of pitch-perfect and capacious vision.  From the moving elegiac series for the poet’s disabled son to the tour de force visionary poems like “Letter to Miranda” (for the poet’s daughter) and “The Plaint of Nature” (for the planet), Hudson’s poems brim with that transformative energy called metaphor. The profoundly wise irony at the heart of this volume is that one cannot speak of the world’s disappearing music “without falling silent”. Here is a poet who knows intimately the natural world we are losing, but offers praise instead of silence…. It is music to our ears!

—Cynthia Hogue, author of Revenance

In Woman Putting on Pearls poet Jeffrey Bean speaks of the body, its loneliness, hungers and joy. The body in Woman Putting on Pearls is essentially an isolated entity continuously seeking, not only attachment, but utter oneness with the other.  But these poems, like want, are complex. The voyeur is sympathetic, pathetic and frightening all at once. These seeming disparate views of body-love become just two points on a continuum of the human need to see, touch, love and even worship another. Through insightful, sharp and nuanced writing, Bean holds these contradictions in his steady gaze, no need for reconciliation.

—Sarah Sousa, Red Mountain Poetry Prize Judge