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A Stoke of Endurance

Teatro Paraguas in collaboration with Crip Video Productions, presents screenings of “A Stroke Of Endurance” a film about friendship, faith, and endurance. 
Dates: Saturday March 24th 2018 at 7:00pm. & Sunday March 25th 2018 at 2:00pm. Located at Teatro Paraguas, 3205 Calle Marie suite B, Santa Fe New Mexico.  To reserve seats, call 505-424-1601.
Synopsis: A college student with Cerebral Palsy named Ava and her classmates must deal with the emotional and physical ramifications when their professor has a stroke that leaves him disabled in the middle of the semester when they least expect it. 
Crips Video Productions makes short independent films that increase understanding of disability through engaging characters and storytelling. The films are created by people with disabilities and are written, directed and produced by Margot Cole, (a former student of The Childrens Theatre and a graduate of Kingsborough Community College in New York). For more info: Teatro Paraquas  
For questions email or use our website contact page. 

Starring (in order of appearance)


Margot Cole as Ava

Jorgiana Cole as Ava’s Mom

Syndia Batise as Disabled Student 1

Emma Lemanski as Disabled Student 2

Betty Lewin as Professor 1

David Salsbery Fry as Professor 2

Jill Marrello as Academic Advisor

Tim Snoha as Professor Ben

Mark Pauling as Student 1

Pedrin Villaman as Student 2

Johnny Diodato as Student 3

Krysta Williams as Student 4

Ashley Villanueva as Student 5

Izabela Ginda as Bella

Ketrina Hazell as Alice


Written and Directed by Margot Cole

Story editing by Jorgiana Cole

Casting by Margot Cole

Cinematography by Jorgiana Cole. Additional Cinematography by Tim Snoha, Johnny Diodato, Krysta Williams


Music composed by Walei Sabry


Special thanks to

Kingsborough Community College

Lori Zucker

JoJo Tarnoff


Super special thanks to Jorgiana Cole

Margot Cole is the founder of Crip Video Productions and has written and directed all of the films. She holds a Liberal Arts degree from Kingsborough Community College in NYC. As an actor she has performed with "Eldorado Children's Theater", "Umbrella Theater at Teatro Paraguas" (formerly "Southwest Children's Theater" where she first met JoJo Tarnoff), "TaDa Youth Theater" and "Keen Teens 2012". As a writer she won the "A Playwright Grows In Brooklyn" playwriting contest of 2009 at "BrooklynOne Theater". She was a member of "DISLABELED Film Series” in 2012 (formerly "DISLABELEDtv Productions"). She has done volunteer work with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. She is featured in the full length documentary "Enter The Faun" created by “Tamar Rogoff Performance Projects” which is centered around actor/dancer Gregg Mozgala, bodywork, and Cerebral Palsy. Margot has a mild form of Spastic Diplegia, Cerebral Palsy.

Emma Lemanski is a 22 year old Theatre Major at Suffolk County Community College. She has worked on crew for 3 school productions Hair, Marisol, and The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940. She also played Gladys in her school’s production of Gypsy. Being part of A Stroke of Endurance was such a wonderful experience. Not only was she able to be part of a project that spreads awareness about acceptance, everyone was so nice. A Stroke of Endurance was also Emma’s first experience on camera which was really exciting and she hopes to work with Margot Cole again in the future. Emma looks forward to a career in Acting in the future.

Tim Snoha has performed in off-off Broadway productions of Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Nile and Thorton Wilder’s Our Town. His other recent theater credits include: Did You Ever Go To P.S. 43?, Pillow Talk, and Ferris Wheel. Recently, he performed in Love: Revamped at the Tank Theater and is performing in The Burstroms at the Producers Club.