Debbi Brody and Jeanne Treadway

Jeanne Treadway’s wordsmithing served many masters until abundant cadences, alliteration, onomatopoeia, and metaphor tempted her to write poetry sixteen years ago. Her novena-like poems grace more than 300 ¡Cajitas Magicas!, small shrines singing praise to the astonishing beauty of this Earth, made using Altoid tins, cigar boxes, assorted wooden structures, and recycled oddments. Jeanne also makes limited edition books which house her poetry, essays, and photographs. Find much of her writing and art at

Debbi Brody conducts poetry workshops and readings at festivals and other venues through out the Southwest to writers

age five through ninety-five. She  publishes frequently in regional and national literary journals. Her work has appeared in the Santa Fe Literary Review, Broomweed Journal, Poetica, Sin Fronteras and many others magazines and books of note including numerous  anthologies. Her first full length collection, "Portraits in Poetry," (Village Books Press, Oklahoma, 2006), as well as her chapbook," FreeForm" are out of print. Her 2013 chapbook, "Awe in the Muddle" and her 2015 collection “In Everything Birds,” (Village Books Press, Oklahoma, 2015) are available through and the usual on-line book purchasing sites. As well as being active in the poetry community, editing, writing and reviewing, coordinating readings and judging art shows and recititations, she works for a small scientific research and development company. Debbi has lived in Santa Fe, NM with her husband since 1992