Wendy Brown Baez--Catch a Dream

WHAT: Wendy Brown Baez reading of Catch a Dream

WHEN: Friday evening: Oct 19 at 7:00 pm

WHERE: NEW VENUE: Santa Fe Playhouse Rehearsal Hall

                                 3218 Calle Marie Santa Fe

                                 (just down the street from Teatro Paraguas)

Info: teatroparaguas.org, wendybrownbaez.com

Reading of Catch a Dream followed by Q & A

Join Wendy Brown-Baez for a reading from her newly released novel Catch a Dream, which takes place in Israel in 1988. Wendy will discuss the process of changing her book from a memoir to a novel and answer questions about her experiences of living in Israel for 3 years. The novel, however, is a love story: with the land and its people and with a particular Israeli man, a charming enigma, dangerous but irresistible.

 A woman’s healing journey begins in a country embroiled in relentless turmoil. In Israel, the first Intifada has just begun. Palestinian frustration for a homeland erupts in strikes, demonstrations and suicide bombings. Lily Ambrosia and Rainbow Dove arrive in Haifa with their children on a pilgrimage to sow seeds of peace. Lily falls in love with the land itself, with its people, and with Levi. Her son rebels against the lifestyle she has chosen and war with Syria looms on the horizon. Will she be able to stay? What does she have to give up and what will she be able to keep?

"Because the authenticity of the character arises from Wendy Baez’s own emotional complexity, her supposedly fictional novel took me on one of the most authentic searches for self I have ever read."

--  Jerry Waxlar, author of Memoir Revolution: Write Your Story, Change the World