We Are Hispanic-American Women...OK?


We Are Hispanic-American Women, Ok?
by Patricia Crespín
directed by Alix Hudson
Performance dates: February 7-24
Teatro Paraguas

Open auditions: 

Saturday, November 10, 1-4pm

Monday, November 12, 5-7pm 


Teatro Paraguas

3205 Calle Marie.  

If you cannot make these times, contact alix.i.hudson@gmail.com to schedule an appointment. Auditions are open to all, regardless of race or gender. 

No appointment necessary, cold readings from script

Four generations of Hispanic women in one Northern New Mexico family struggle to come to terms with one another and their own lives. On the way, they fight about love, religion, men, tradition - and tequila - in this bittersweet comedy. 

Nanita (93): Feisty great grandma. Vulgar. Drunk off tequila.
Ramona (50s/60s): Religious and overwhelmed by her family. Consummate caretaker. Marissa and Antonia are her daughters; Nanita is her mother.
Marissa (30s): Juanita's mother. Unhappy in her marriage - the "good" daughter. Owns a restaurant.
Antonia (32): No husband, no kids, no God. Snarky and irreverent; not afraid to call you on your BS. 
Juanita (15): Marissa's daughter. Brash and consentida.