The Last Stone in the Circle


On Sunday, June 19, Irena Praitis will be reading from her powerful collection of poetry, The Last Stone in the Circle. This book was the winner of Red Mountain’s 2015 poetry prize. The reading will take place at Teatro Paraguas, 3205 Calle Marie, Santa Fe at 5:00 PM.

Dr. Praitis is a professor of literature and creative writing at California State University, Fullerton. The Last Stone in the Circle, her sixth book, offers a startling look at human nature in the face of suffering.

Based on ten years of research into eyewitness accounts, she chronicles in clear, concise poetic language the experiences of prisoners in a WWII German work/re-education camp. The author delves into the murky, complicated choices people make while enduring extremely difficult, life-threatening circumstances. It is a starkly drawn picture of human resilience in the quest for survival.

The following comments from literary luminaries attest to the strength and refinement of this exceptional collection:

“This serious, substantive topic is an essential addition to the genre of tragic literature.” Denise Low, 2007-09 Kansas Poet Laureate

“These poems report from the human edge and as their readers we are changed.” Alberto Ríos, Arizona Poet Laureate

“This powerful collection sears itself in memory, not by its vivid descriptions making the unimaginable painfully real, but with its relentless focus on seemingly inescapable moral complicity.” April Ossmann, poet and editor.

This is a literary event not to be missed. Book signing and refreshments will follow the reading.