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Rental FAQ

Q. What are your rates?

A. Our rates depend on the type of show. Click here to see our rates.

Q. What is your space like?

A. Our space is intimate black box theatre that seats up to 55 people. We have a green room, lobby, and an ADA compliant bathroom.

Q. What sort of events can the theatre be used for?

A. Teatro Paraguas is a great space for all kinds of events. Classes, poetry/prose readings with book promotions, staged readings, plays, and concerts are just some of the events we've hosted in the past. We can work together to make the space work for you. Just let us know your event needs up front and we can let you know if it's feasible.

Q. I don't need any set dressing but can I move your set pieces around on the stage?

A. Sometimes when your rent our venue, we will have sets built for rehearsals for our shows or other shows that are happening later on another day or week. We ask that you do not touch or move our sets. Let us know the needs of your show in advance so we can give you a heads up.

Q. I want to book the venue for a last minute event. Do you have any openings?

A. It depends on how last minute and the type of event.

Q. What about press and promotions?

A. We are happy to help you with press and promotions. Typically, we ask that you send us a 1 to 4 paragraph press release. This should include:
  • Who is performing and any relevant information about them.
  • What the show or event is about.
  • Time and date of show.
  • Ticket prices (if you are charging).
  • 1 to 3 images, with one at least high res.
  • Links to any relevant websites.

We will send out the press release to our media contacts, include the event in our weekly and monthly newsletters, add the event to event calendars, and promote your event on Facebook. We will also add your event to our website on the Schedule of Events page, linking to your own page that has the relevant press information you provided.

The accurate and up-to-date press information needs to be sent to us at least a month before your show debuts.

Q. How do you handle ticket reservations?

A. We usually do phone reservations for will-call tickets. We write down a reservation list for the show and people pay the night of the show. If you prefer to set up an online ticketing system, please let us know so we can direct people to that site so we don't overbook the show.

Q. Can I come by and tour the space?

A. Of course! Call or email us to let us know you're interested in touring the space and we can confirm that someone will be here to show you around.

Q. I have another weird or random question.

A. Then email or call us! We will do our best to answer your question about the space, show logistics, or rental process.