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The Javier Plays


The next plays in our summer reading series at Teatro Paraguas are two of the three Javier Plays by renowned Chicago playwright, Carlos Murillo. The Javier Plays "unfold like America itself - its violence, its identity crises, its homegrown art, its shape in the eye of the immigrant. And they are many other things as well, these urgent and urgently necessary creations: challenging, dangerous, playful and full of mind." (Todd London, University of Washington School of Drama) Join us for the first installment, Diagram of a Paper Airplane, on Sunday, July 31st, at 8pm; come back for the second, Your Name Will Follow You Home, on Tuesday, August 2nd, at 7pm

Diagram of a Paper Airplane

"Javier C., the once promising playwright turned mentally unstable vagabond, dies in a freak flash flood in the wilds of Northern New Mexico. News of Javier’s death circulates among a group of his former friends and close collaborators—who have been estranged for nearly two decades. Javier’s death threatens to open a Pandora’s Box of secrets, old wounds and guilt none of his friends want to confront. As a final act before his death, Javier sent fragments of his play Diagram of a Paper Airplane to his surviving friends—fragments that can only be made whole if the group comes together to read it. Javier’s ex-wife and daughter arrange for a memorial service. Javier’s surviving friends, driven by curiosity and guilt, arrive, hoping that the play will reveal the truth behind a tragic mystery that has haunted them for two decades." (from New Dramatists)

Your Name Will Follow You Home

Danny Santiago’s novel-Famous All Over Town, was a gritty, authentic depiction of Chicano life in East LA told through the eyes of a troubled teenager. But who is the real Danny Santiago? And is the work authentic? Charlie Chaplin. Communists in Hollywood. HUAC. The Blacklist. 50s B-Monster Movies. Architectural Fantasias. Fake Latinos. Jesse James." (from New Dramatists)