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Sueño Flamenco

December 10, 7:30pm

$20 general admission, $16 senior/student

AMFlamenco Dance Company from Spain presents an exciting performance for Teatro Paraguas for its holiday series. AMFlamenco Danza creates a night of soulful flamenco artistry from guest artists Adriana Maresma Fois, Patricia Nuñez ¨La Tiranta ¨and Ricardo Díaz. SUEÑO FLAMENCO will inspire the audience to dream with flamenco´s deep, poetic voice, mind-blowing rhythms and provocative movements, making you crave for more....! Highlighing innovative and tradition styles such as alegrías, bulerías, and taranto, these vibrant performers ingulf a sort

of transformative atmosphere full of passion and nuances.

Ready to dream?

Listo para soñar?



ADRIANA MARESMA FOIS: bailaora, choreographer, instructor


“ Adriana Maresma Fois’ insides are on fire; she fights with intensity and uninhibited vehemence.” – Neue Luzerner Newspaper, Switzerland.


Adriana’s unique fire and elegance are what have marked her style and personality as a world-class flamenco dancer. Her impassioned performances and choreographies have conquered stages throughout North and South America, Asia and Europe including New York City’s Metropolitan Opera, Lisboa Gran Casino, Vancouver’s Flamenco Festival, Jacob’s Pillow, Andalucia Directo Television (Spain), Milan’s Teatro Litta (Italy), and Zurich Teatrehaus. She has been a soloist for the company Flamencos En-route, based in Switzerland, for the last eight years, and has co-founded her own company, El Amor Brujo, based in Italy. Adriana’s vast professional experience has given her the opportunity to work with celebrated artists and companies including María Benítez, Joaquín Ruíz, Plácido Domingo, Carmen Linares, José Greco, Angel Muñoz, The Boston Pops, Enrique El Extremeño, Antonio “ El Pipa”, and more.

As choreographer, Adriana’s piece, “ La Puerta de Mi Sangre” claimed First Prize and Best Stylization in the International Dance Festival in Bento, Brazil. Adriana, a native of Albuquerque, began her flamenco studies in Granada, Spain and later received her Bachelors Degree in Photography and Dance from the University of New Mexico. She continued to grow as a professional artist studying in Madrid, Sevilla and Jerez, where she currently lives now over 16 years with her husband guitarist, Juan Antonio Gomez.


“ The dancer, Adriana Maresma Fois, impresses the audience with her beautiful arms moving like a sort of aquatic plant, as well as with her strength and stage presence.”

Sonja Laurel, Bern Newspaper, Switzerland.