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Revolution: A new play by Alix Hudson

A Sangria Sunday reading at Teatro Paraguas

Sunday, July 10, at 7pm


Revolution is a play about gender identity during the Mexican Revolution. Its protagonist, Colonel Fernando Reyes, is inspired by

Amelio Robles. Amelio Robles, born Amelia Robles, was a decorated Zapatista officer. Unlike many women – the well-documented soldaderas – who cross-dressed only for the duration of the war, Robles took the opportunity of the chaos of the bola to transition. He lived the rest of his life as a man. 

The play is historical fiction. Xochitelco is a fictional town; all characters are fiction, though The Dance of the Forty-One (a raid of gay men in Mexico City in 1901) was a real event – as was the battle of Chilpancingo. 


Revolution is a-chronological, a-spatial, the stage itself a liminal space. As such, it is simultaneously rooted firmly in the culture of southern Mexico in the 20th century. The script is primarily in English, though there is Spanish and Spanglish integrated as well. 


Fernando Reyes explores his life in Revolutionthe play takes place between the years of 1910 and 1962 and moves through many locations throughout Central and Southern Mexico. He literally and figuratively battles the homogenization of the hacienda structure (juxtaposed with the verdant polyculture of the forest), and the Revolution becomes the freeing space for him to realize his transition. He ends with the richness of the relationship with his beloved Ana María.