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Passionate Folk-Blues Duo David Jacobs-Strain and Michelle McAfee

David Jacobs-Strain is a fierce slide guitar player and song poet from Oregon where he’s known for both his virtuosity and spirit of emotional abandon.  Jacobs-Strain began playing on street corners and at farmers markets as a teenager, and bought his first steel guitar with the quarters he saved up.  Before he dropped out of Stanford to play full time, he had already appeared at festivals across the country, often billed as a blues prodigy, but he had to fight to avoid being a novelty act:   “I wanted to tell new stories, it just wasn’t enough to relive the feelings in other people’s music.”  His live show moves from humorous blues to delicate balladry then swings back to swampy rock and roll - a range that ties Jacobs-Strain to guitar-slinger troubadours like Robert Johnson and Jackson Browne. “I try to make art that you can dance to, but I love that darker place, where in my mind,  Skip James, Nick Drake, and maybe Elliot Smith blur together.”  On the road, David has shared the stage with Lucinda Williams, Boz Scaggs, and Etta James.

Michelle McAfee  is a soulful songstress with a way of weaving unforgettable melodies into vivid stories. Her smoldering voice and dynamic live performance are reminiscent of Shawn Colvin and Pieta Brown and has kept her touring across the country, including opening or performing shows with Jewel, G Love & Special Sauce and The Indigo Girls.   Born in Colorado with a fierce love of mountains and wanderlust,  McAfee infuses her songwriting with a vivid sense of place and adventure.   “I’ve always been inspired by wilderness, wild people and wild places…… I love belonging to a wide community of people who live creatively, live a little on the edge.”   McAfee co-created the artist collective “One Soul” which takes music and art into prisons, and has written music with Jacobs-Strain for the Witness To Innocence documentary “The Gathering” on abolishing the death penalty.

These passionate folk-blues troubadours playfully blend great storytelling with acoustic grooves you can’t help but dance to.

Concert is Friday, September 16th. Opening reception is at 6:30pm, show is at 8pm, Teatro Paraguas, 3205 Calle Marie, Santa Fe, NM.

Tickets are $10. Call for reservation at 505-424-1601.