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Image into Word

April 22, 1pm

"Words fall short because they must. This is not failure. This is possibility." Louis Dupre'

In this hands-on workshop, we’re going to take a single collage image, and working three seemingly simple, but deceptively deep poetry formulas, we’re going to milk it for all it’s worth. Through words and gut impressions, we’ll explore different ways of seeing deeply into an image. We’ll also be using the dynamic synergy of group to expand what we see, feel and sense in an image and explore how those revelations can give us glimpses into our own lives and stories, the poetry of our lives. One image. Three poems. Infinite insights.

Event is free but donations are warmly appreciated and will be split between the presenter and Teatro Paraguas.

A poet of images, Dante Jericho holds a degree in Holistic Theology but her main love is collage. She is both artist and founder/facilitator of the practice of Contemplative Collage, a process in which students create collages which they then “read” in much the same way as one would read a dream. She has taught live workshops across the Southern US, as well as international online classes in creative writing, mandala-making, collage, and journaling from collage. She is the author of “Sacred Changes, Sacred Choices: Meditations from the I Ching.” You can see her work and sign up for classes at