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Faith Healer

Faith Healer is an Irish drama produced and presented by the Odenbear Theatre Company and is about the life of the faith healer Francis Hardy as monologued through the shifting memories of Hardy, his wife, Grace, and stage manager, Teddy. Each character is seeking absolution of their perceived sins as they review their lives, all the while trying to battle and suppress their internal struggles. Does Frank Hardy possess actual healing powers? Can Grace, his wife, manage to hang on to the thin ribbon of her sanity? And does Teddy, Frank’s stage manager, hold the truth about all the years that the trio spent together living out of a dirty van as they crisscrossed Ireland, Scotland and the UK applying Frank’s healing skills in pubs and church basements?

The play consists of four parts, with a monologue making up each part. The monologues are given, in order, by Hardy himself; his wife, Grace; his manager, Teddy, and finally Hardy again.

The play is directed by Bruce Katlin. The cast consists of Jeff Spicer as Francis Hardy, Irene Loy as Grace, and Jim Hatch as Teddy.

Approximate running time: 2:30 including an intermission.

review by Charlotte Jusinski - SFReporter

Bruce Katlin is a multi-hyphenate who is an author, landscape painter, trail runner, and professional coach. He has directed numerous regional theatre productions and is thrilled to have a second opportunity to direct Brian Friel’s critically acclaimed Faith Healer, which he first directed in New York City. Bruce has written and performed his one-man show, Can’t Cut My Head Off numerous times and is looking forward to the possibility of a Taos premiere in the near future. He recently published his first novel, Birds Like Us: The PI Phillecroix Story, about a pigeon who walks from Paris to the United Kingdom to save her father’s life, and is working on a second novel. As an actor for hire, Bruce had performed in many regional theatre plays and in numerous films. He studied at Circle in the Square, New York City, The Walnut Street Theatre and Metro State College in Denver, Colorado.

Jeff Spicer - was offered an acting scholarship as a senior in high school but declined the offer because he thought drama people were too weird; he went to art school instead. He has discovered, however, that he does indeed belong with the weird people and so has found his way back to doing theatrical things. He has also been known to pick a banjo on occasion. He is the owner of SpicerDigital, a graphic/web design and print shop in Dixon, NM.

Jim Hatch, Artistic Director and Founder of Odenbear Theatre, has more than forty years of experience as a teacher, director, producer, designer and actor. He has also been an Artistic Director for several theatre companies, owner of an equity theatre, a stagehand, a tech director, and a designer. Jim is a vested member of Screen Actors Guild and Actors Equity, with film and television credits that include major television shows, films, and commercials.

His great love is for the theatre, and he retired from auditioning for films and television this past year to concentrate on Odenbear Theatre Company. The company has produced this season, The Rainmaker, How the Other Half Loves, and our annual one act festival, The Bench Plays.

Irene Loy is a performer, writer, and non-profit professional who has lived in Taos for over two years. Her acting credits on the Taos stage include Bus Stop, Speaking in Tongues, and the Bench Play Festival with Odenbear Theatre Company. Before that she earned her MFA in Dramatic Writing at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque and worked as a manager at Improv Boston in Cambridge. With this production of Faith Healer, she is thrilled to be performing around northern New Mexico and in southern Colorado!