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Auditions for Daphne's Dive

Teatro Paraguas announces auditions for Daphne’s Dive,
                             by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright  Quiara Alegria Hudes

Daphne's Dive is a cheap corner bar in North Philly where Daphne and her vibrant, eclectic regulars drink to art, politics, and life. As Daphne's adopted daughter, very different from her reserved and pragmatic mother, grows up, this unconventional family is forced to confront who's an insider, who's an outsider, and the challenge of opening your heart to strangers.

Friday, 1/5  6-8 pm
Saturday, 1/6 4:30 -7:00pm
CALLBACKS (invitation only)
Sunday, 1/7 1-3pm

Audition Location:  Teatro Paraguas, 3205 Calle Marie

directed by Sheryl Bailey

Rehearsal Dates  February 22 - April 5, 2018
Production Dates April 6-22, 2018

Monologues welcome, but not required.  Readings from script.  Script available by request at <>

Daphne’s Dive Characters

Daphne  bar owner  Latina
Inez        Daphne’s sister   Latina
Acosta   Inez’s husband   Latino
Rey        glass cutter and manual labor   any ethnicity
Jenn      artist, performance artist, and merrymaker   Asian-Americn
Pablo    painter   Latino
Ruby     a young woman who is also, in some way, a child   any ethnicity

Setting  Philadelphia 1994-2011


Daphne: Female, 35-50
Latina. Fantastic sense of humor, lively and magnetic, glowing with life, and has a cutting sense of humor; she's seen it all; also can be tough--—she tends bar and can throw down if she needs to; outwardly, she'’s the reason locals return to this bar time and again; when it comes to true intimacy and friendship, though, she’'s guarded and closed off; there'’s some serious Catholic shame brewing in there.
Ethnicity: Latino/Hispanic

Inez: Female, 40-55
Latina. A bold enigmatic spirit, loves material comfort and luxury, but is also a community activist and spiritual woman; both snootier and warmer than Daphne; the successful one in the family; she moved from the barrio to the suburbs and has no problem liking the finer things in life; she is proud to be the only Latina on her upper-crust block; she carries the banner of her people wherever she goes.
Ethnicity: Latino/Hispanic

Acosta: Male, 40-60
Latino. Unpretentious and proud, a man of the people, an entrepreneur; born in Puerto Rico, he came to Philly'’s barrio and takes extreme pride in employing his people and bettering his community; wears nice loafers to his construction sites, but has no problem getting his hands dirty on the job; he should feel both island and urban, and is a natural leader.
Ethnicity: Latino/Hispanic

Jenn: Female, 30-39
Asian-American. From a conservative immigrant family, ran away from home to become an activist, performance artist, and merrymaker; lithe, the body of a dancer; immediately identifiable as not mainstream; she's sly and undeniably "other," with a mischievous ebullience and a mind that can slip into the shadows; a history of severe depression.
Ethnicity: Asian

Pablo: Male, 40-49
Latino. Born in Cuba; a tortured, bombastic painter who takes himself extremely seriously (and therefore is funny); he'’s sophisticated, intellectual; he'’s annoyingly macho and argumentative; he'’s worldly—--has lived in Cuba and Stockholm; he has chosen the path of a painter/visionary over a more financially-successful life; he walks, lives, and breathes the injustice in the world.
Ethnicity: Latino/Hispanic

Ruby: Female, 13-29
teens-20s, Latino or black or mixed-ethnicity. Bright eyes, smart, also psychologically-broken and self-destructive; a gifted girl born into an abusive home; an open heart with an explosive fire; over the course of the play she transitions from girl to teen to woman, so the actor needs to have a flexibly youthful appearance; she’'s of the street--—educated in the worst inner-city schools--—but also makes it out to college.
Ethnicity: African American, Latino/Hispanic, Ethnically Ambiguous / Mixed Race

Rey: Male, 50-65
Manual laborer; country folk, good people; a biker; grew up wrestling hogs in the mud; a blue-collar Buddha with a penchant for beer; a man of few words, but who loves life; still waters run deep. Any ethnicity.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities