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Teatro Paraguas is proud to announce auditions for Sotto Voce, the latest play by Nilo Cruz, directed by DS Magid.

Audition dates are Friday, June 23 6:30 - 8:30 pm, and Sunday June 25 at 4:30 - 6:30 pm.  Performance dates are September 29 through October 15.  For more information, please call 424-1601 and leave a message, or

Sotto Voce


Bemadette Kahn: an 80 year old woman who has aged gracefully; time has been good to her and she looks more like she is in her 60’s

Saquiel Rafaeli:  a 28 year old man of Jewish-Cuban descent;  he is passionate and romantic, he has worked hard at creating a unique and bohemian look for himself

Lucila Pulpo:  a woman in her 30’s;  although she appears to be tough, it is all veneer to protect her fragile soul

Nina Strauss: A woman in her 20’s, played by same actor playing Lucila

Ariel Strauss:  a man in his 20’s, played by same actor as Saquiel

Bernadette lives in New York with her maid Lucila and is very reclusive. Saquiel has tried repeatedly to contact her— even standing outside her apartment— because she has info on Ariel Strauss and the other 900+ Jewish refugees aboard the SS St. Louis trying to escape Nazi Germany.  The ship was refused docking in Habana and Miami, and was forced to return to Germany where all the passengers were shipped to concentration camps.  We learn that Ariel was Bernadette’s lover.  The characters come to a slow understanding and acceptance of each other through the course of the play.