The Ballad of Sucio’s Frog

Suio is a viejo whose family has farmed the same land in southern New Mexico for generations. His finest crop is mota (marijuana, a traditional crop), but his fields are being vandalized. He contracts with the University for a genetically-engineered frog of ferocious proportions, and all is well until the frog eats a DEA agent...

based on The Lancepoint Chronicles, by E. H. Fritz

  • playwright/ director: Mary Mier
  • actors: Andrea Lujan, Karmela Gonzales, Esmerelda Gonzales-Muñoz, Tamlin Horne, Sabrina Griffith, Santiago Candelaria, James Chavez, Oscar Rodriguez, Amaru Leyba, Marcos Maez, Ron Mier, Damon Griffith, Nate Patrus, Ray Gere
  • guitarist: George Adelo
  • choreography: Santiago Candelaria
  • light design: Skip Rapaport, Karyna Cragin
  • artist: Corinna MacNeice
  • puppetmasters: Sabrina and Damon Griffith