TP's inaugural performance began as a wish to honor the 100th anniversary of famed Chilean poet Pablo Neruda's birthday. 27 poems were chosen to represent different periods of his long and brilliant career, which were performed in Spanish and English. Costumes, lights, music, props, and projections added to the theatricality of the poetry.

  • director: Argos MacCallum
  • actors: Macarena Muñoz, Meg Hachman, Mary Mier, Enid Howarth, Cathy Nelson, Ron Mier, Gustav Alsina, Ray Gere, Crawford and Argos MacCallum

¡Neruda! was performed the following year in Albuquerque at OutPost Performance Space with a different selection of poems and a different group of actors.

  • director: Crawford MacCallum
  • actors: Cathy Nelson, Alicia Fletcher, Mary Salinas, Enid Howarth, Lauren Howarth, Evan Moulsen, Benito Quintana, Tony Mares, Crawford and Argos MacCallum
  • guitarist: Robert Tanner