La instrucción a don Pedro de Peralta

The instructions to don Pedro de Peralta, presently appointed Governor and Captain General of the provinces and settlements of New Mexico in place of don Juan de Oñate who has abandoned said office, are as follows:

As soon as his title and other commissions shall be delivered to him, he shall leave Mexico City as quickly as humanly possible, with the twelve soldiers and clergy that are taken for the relief of said provinces, and he shall attempt to hasten his trip as much as possible on account of the importance of the same.

(proclamation dated March 30,1609 appointing Peralta Governor of the province of Nuevo Mexico), a dramatic reading in conjunction with the Santa Fe Symphony. Read the text.

  • Directed by ... Argos MacCallum
  • Costumes by ...Dorothy Baca, PhD, UNM Performing Arts Dept.
  • Performed by ...Crawford MacCallum, Tommy Roman, Marcos Maez, Ravijit
  • Technical aid by ...Ron Mier