Meet The Authors

Meet the Authors

   A new full-length comedy by Talia Pura                                        

Friday, February 19, 2021

7 pm

Suggested donation:  $10.00

Link to Register for ZOOM performance 

Presented as a Zoom performance, this comedy is an expansion of a ten-minute play presented as part of the Santa Fe Playhouse’s Benchwarmers Festival in 2018. 

Four women of a certain age meet every Saturday at a table in the park, attempting to sell books they have written. In this expanded version, we not only meet them, but also all the would-be customers going for strolls in this neighborhood park. The women know each other well, finding all the buttons to push in their efforts to be the one to make a sale this fine day, even though none of the passersby have actually come to the park with an intention to shop.

Talia Pura directs a stellar cast which includes Marguerite Louise Scott, Duchess Dale, Joyce Story, Talia Pura, Patti O’Berg, Eric Devlin’ Amber Devlin, Don Converse, and Cheryl Fort-Mente.

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Talia Pura