Georgia Santa Maria and Merimee Moffit


SUNDAY, JANUARY 27, 2019 AT 5:00PM


3205 Calle Marie, Santa Fe

Georgia Santa Maria and Merimée Moffitt will welcome you to sit back and enjoy some new and some older work (unread and otherwise). 

Georgia is currently working on a cookbook aka story of her life on the ranch in Miami, NM. She will also read from her book, Dowsing, that won the Lummox Press chapbook prize in 2017. Her poems have won more contests than you can shake a stick at.

Merimeé is editing and adding to a collection of vignettes written by her younger brother before he died at the age of 49 during the height of the AIDS epidemic. She will also read some new poems and from her other books. Her memoir

Free Love, Free Fall was a finalist in NM/AZ contest and their book Berlin Poems and Photographs co-authored by these two traveling women won a first place in the Communications category from NMPW and an honorable mention at the national level.