Dr. Helen Tinsley

Dr. Helen Tinsley will read from two of her recent books:

and the beat goes on: poems, stories & snippets along the journey...

Me and My Grandma: A story for children about AIDS. 

Based in New Jersey, Dr. Tinsley visits Santa Fe every year to see her daughter and family.  Helen is the Founder and CEO of Tinsley Institute for Multicultural Empowerment, LLC. She offers highly engaging keynote addresses, interactive workshops, trainings and seminars with effective solutions to address the complex issues pertaining to race, culture, equity, gender and sexual orientation in this era of rapid demographic and global change.

She writes:

I am an educator, writer, multi-media artist, a divine manifestation of the Creator; and a work in progress! I have been immersed in early childhood and elementary education for over 35 years, in a variety of settings, both urban and suburban, and in various capacities from teacher to administrator; and I remain committed to making a difference for all children. I co-developed and implemented the first Dual Language program in NJ. I have written curriculum, provided professional development for teachers and administrators, mentored new teachers, and worked as an adjunct faculty. I have also held several administrative roles including: Assistant Principal, Educational Supervisor, Literacy Specialist, and Education Program Development Specialist. I am passionate about ensuring all children; especially children from marginalized groups (children of color, inner city children and second language learners) receive an education that will empower them with the necessary skills and tools to make quality life choices. 

I received a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership from Rowan University, and my research examines the relationship between multicultural, dual language experiences and cultural competence. I received dual Masters Degrees from Bank Street College of Education in Educational Administration and Early Childhood and Elementary Education. I graduated from Rowan University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. My post doctoral work focuses on cultural competence, multicultural connections, storytelling, and folklore. I am also the author of four books (including poetry and children's books), a blogger, and a collage artist. I strive to show the unseen through images, tell the untold through stories and to give voice to the voiceless. I wrote and produced a short documentary detailing my experiences as a mother of 4 children in public education, entitled " A Walk in the Valley - A mother's journey through public education" -http://youtu.be/LPqH0pxpOZI. I currently conduct workshops on cultural competence, supports for diverse learners, and multicultural connections. On a personal level, I am the mother of four adult children, and the grandmother of eleven, lively grand-children.



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