Debbi Brody & Melanie Faithful

 SundayMarch 1, 2020, at 2:00 pm. 

 Admission by donation at door, seating on a first come/first serve basis.

Debbi Brody conducts poetry workshops and readings at festivals and other venues throughout the Southwest for writers age five through ninety-five. She publishes frequently in regional and national literary journals, magazines and books of note including numerous anthologies. “Walking the Arroyo” is her third self-published chapbook and has been picked up for International hard cover publishing and distribution by Cyberwit.  Her first full length collection, "Portraits in Poetry," (Village Books Press, Oklahoma, 2006), as well as her chapbook," FreeForm" are out of print. Her 2013 chapbook, "Awe in the Muddle" and her 2015 collection “In Everything Birds,” (Village Books Press, Oklahoma, 2015) which won an inaugural Margaret Randall Poetry Prize and is available through and the usual on-line book purchasing sites. As well as being active in the poetry community, editing, writing and reviewing, coordinating readings and judging art shows and recitations, she works for a small scientific research and development company. Debbi has lived in Santa Fe, NM with her husband since 1992.

Melanie Lamb Faithful has lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico for many years, but her heritage is Appalachian. Her poetry has been published in many journals, periodicals, devotional guides, the “EPN“ Electronic Poetry Network and “Women’s Uncommon Prayers” by Morehouse Publishing. Ekphrastic poetry (poetic interpretation and exploration of the visual image) is her specialty and her poetry has been featured in multiple galleries and art venues. Melanie also taught a class for prose writers who wanted to cross the bridge into writing poetically. She, along with the photographer and artist Sally Nelson Kruse, created a full color book of art and poetry published by Western 

Edge Press in 2019 entitled “Saints and Sinners, An Esoteric Collection of Poetry and Photographs from New Mexico”.

Melanie, her husband, and 3 of their 4 adult children and three cats live in Santa Fe. She spends all her time in the mountains, whether it is New Mexico or in the tiny town in southern Italy, where their second home was purchased for the price of a used Toyota. She graduated from a small Baptist college in Tennessee with a degree focused on religion, psychology and philosophy. She concluded her academic publishing career in 2019, most notably working for a British physics society where she managed all publishing operations for Latin America and the Caribbean for more than two decades.

If there is any overarching theme to her writing, it would be an affinity for feminist discovery with a sense of humor.  Her two

newest chapbooks released in 2020 are entitled “work of art, musings on aesthetics and the creative life” and “the spirit moves, musings on faith and the mythic life”. If you want to discuss these topics, or anything else, you can contact Melanie at 505-672-8085 or at