Chime's Approach

CHIME'S APPROACH, an original play by local playwright, Robert Covelli

Teatro Paraguas
will host a reading of Chime’s Approach by Robert Covelli at 6:00 pm on February 9, 2020. Doors open at 5:30. Admission by donation at the door.

The play follows a psychiatrist who resists pressure from wealthy conservatives to diagnose a murderer as incapable of standing trial. The suspect, a patient in the mental hospital that employs the psychiatrist, may have shot and killed a doctor who performed abortions. Chime’s Approach reveals the truth.

Long a resident of Santa Fe, Mr. Covelli said, “Abortion signifies what threatens American democracy. It’s liberty as personal as it can possibly be. It defies government and religion as they try to dictate individual behavior. I wrote my play because I wanted to dramatize these convictions.”

Chime’s Approach stars Rosa Luxembourg as the psychiatrist and John Wilkes Booth as the alleged murderer. A granddaughter of the psychiatrist, visiting briefly, is played by a young Joan of Arc, and Emily Dickinson plays another patient in the hospital. Ivan Boesky appears in his debut in theater as the rich man who drives the action. Andrew Jackson performs the conflicted father of the murderer.